Domain Features

Wouldn’t it be great if you registered your domain and it just worked how you wanted?


Whois Privacy

Keep your personal WHOIS information out of the public eye. Domain Privacy services are available for most domain extensions.


Create professional email addresses that forward to your existing email inbox you like, instantly. Create unique custom addresses for multiple recipients, or keep it simple with catchall and forward everything to a single inbox destination.

DNS Control

Get your domain up and running faster. With our simple, user-friendly control panel, it just takes a few clicks to connect your domain to a website, email, and more.

Our Services

Our customer support team is made up of real, compassionate, knowledgable human beings who are ready to help. No phone trees, no call centers — just compassionate, person-to-person care.

Secure Data
Easy Domain Transfer in 3 Clicks

Request that your current registrar unlock the domain and provide your auth code. Ensure you can access the domain Admin Contact email.
Type your domain and auth code into the transfer tool above, then follow the instructions.
The domain Admin Contact will get an email explaining how to complete the transfer.

Easy Domain Registration in 2 Clicks

Pre-register an upcoming domain for free to indicate your interest before it launches.
We’ll contact you when it’s time to confirm your pre-order. We will attempt to register the domain name for you when it launches publicly.

Easy Domain Management

Get the most out of your domain. Our subdomain management tools give you full control over your domain, so you can create memorable destinations for everywhere your domain points.